Founded by a Danish entrepreneur (Erik Emborg), Fan Milk Limited has been in existence since 1962. The company was converted to a public limited liability in 1969, and is currently engaged in the production and distribution of quality refreshing milk-based and fruit-based products.

Our milk-based products consist of a range of frozen ice creams, frozen flavoured milk drinks and yoghurt drinks (both frozen and ambient or drinkable). Our brands in this segment are FanYogo, FanChoco, FanIce, FanMaxx, SuperYogo and FanVanille.

Our fruit-based products include fruit drinks and frozen lolly. Brands in this segment are FanDango and FanJoy. 

FanMilk has a strong commitment to produce quality, healthy and nutritious products for consumers.  We are  certified by ISO, Ghana Standards Authority and the Ghana Food and Drugs Authority.