Duration: 8th July 2022 to 8th October 2022

How to join & who is eligible to join:


For a consumer to qualify, he/she must:


a. Be residing in Ghana and be at least 18 years of age at the time of taking part in this promotion;


b. Be an existing, active subscriber of MTN and/or Vodafone;


c. Be registered with the FANICE YƐƐKOR DUBAI PROMO – by simply dialing *2120# after buying, scratching the panel of participating FanIce products;


d. Have purchased at least GHS20.00 worth of the participating FanIce products (FanIce Vanilla 250ml, FanIce Strawberry 250ml, FanIce Chocolate 250ml, FanIce Vanilla 500ml, FanIce Strawberry 500ml, FanIce Chocolate 500ml, FanIce Double Treat Vanilla and Strawberry 1L, FanIce Double Treat Vanilla and Chocolate 1L, FanIce Vanilla 2L, FanIce Strawberry 2L, FanIce Chocolate 2L. Full list of participating FanIce products and their respective recommended retail prices are published below);


e. Have submitted the promo code on participating FanIce products by Dialing *2120# and follow the prompts thereafter;


f. Have sent his/her entry within the promo period from 8th July 2022 through the promo period or any new dates communicated by FanMilk PLC 


g. Comply with the terms and conditions of this promo 

From 8th July 2022 till the promo ends, subscribers may join the promo by:


1. Purchasing at least GHS20 worth of participating FanIce products (FanIce Vanilla 250ml, FanIce Strawberry 250ml, FanIce Chocolate 250ml, FanIce Vanilla 500ml, FanIce Strawberry 500ml, FanIce Chocolate 500ml, FanIce Double Treat Vanilla and Strawberry 1L, FanIce Double Treat Vanilla and Chocolate 1L, FanIce Vanilla 2L, FanIce Strawberry 2L, FanIce Chocolate 2L); and


2. Dial *2120# to any of the networks mentioned above and follow prompts. 


3. Entries with the correct syntax (promo code) will receive a confirmation SMS message for a successful entry.


4. Entries are free and do not attract charges.


5. Each entry qualifies for 2 levels of rewards: instant airtime and a Grand win of an all-expense-paid trip to Dubai.


6. Each unique code can be used once


7. 3 maximum winning entries daily 


8. Entry of 5 invalid codes leads to a 48hr suspension from participation     


9. Corporate lines and postpaid lines cannot be used for the redemption of prizes

Requirements to validate entries:


1. The time reflected by MTN, and Vodafone and Rancard Solutions Limited’s systems shall control the cutoff periods for submission of entries daily.

Qualified entries must:


a. Have been submitted within the promo period;


b. Have received a confirmation text from FanIce-GH;


c. Be from persons at least 18 years old at the time of participating;


d. By joining this promotion, participants confirm that they have read, understood and agree to abide by the entire rules, regulations and the terms and conditions of the promotion which will be published in the Daily Graphic and on our social media pages and official website.

Provision on invalid entries:

The following shall NOT be considered valid entries:


1.  Entries sent by subscribers who do not meet the qualifications or requirements of the promo; 


2.  Entries that do not comply with the mechanics of the promo or which have been tainted with fraud or any improper action; 


3.  Entries sent before and after the promo period.

Persons who are NOT qualified/eligible to join the promo:


Fan Milk PLC and Rancard Solutions Limited and all its subsidiaries, Parent Companies, affiliates, related companies of Fan Milk PLC and Rancard Solutions, (“organizers of the promotion”), employees (i.e directors, shareholders, representatives or agents, officers and contract staff of Fan Milk PLC and Rancard and not limited to their relatives up to the second degree of consanguinity and affinity are disqualified from participating.


What are the prizes?

Instant prizes – MTN & Vodafone air-time (GH ₵ 2.50 air-time)

Grand prize – All expense paid trip to Dubai (6 lucky winners)

Determination of Winners



1. Winners will receive instant airtime if the mechanics and requirements of the promo are met from the 8th July 2022 through the duration of the promotion.


2. Each purchase of participating product is equivalent to 1 point, if the total purchase is less than GH ₵ 20.00, additional entries will be cumulated to GH ₵ 20.00 to win the instant airtime.


3. Each valid entry is equivalent to 1 point; any purchases above GH ₵20.00 will be considered as one entry. 


4. Airtime would be sent electronically through a set platform developed by Rancard Solutions Limited in collaboration with MTN and Vodafone.



1. Valid entries received from 8th July 2022 through the duration of the promo will be accumulated to generate a list of the highest entries;


2. Selection will be done electronically based on the highest accumulated points over the promo period through a set platform developed by Rancard Solutions Limited. 


3. Entries received within the promo period will be accumulated per the below timelines: 

The marketing team of Fan Milk PLC with the list generated from the electronic platform from during the promo period will select their loyal consumers of FanIce after they have correctly answered a set of brand related questions and reward them with the all-expense paid trip to Dubai.

Validation process (notification and announcement of winners)

1. Winning phone numbers selected for Grand draw prizes will be subject to verification before they can be declared as winners.


2. Verification shall be done according to but not limited to the following steps:  


a. Phone numbers will be called by the promotion organizers using the registered number.


b. They will be asked to validate their registration details (date of birth, complete address), to confirm that they have read and understood the terms and conditions.


c. The call to the selected number shall be made for a maximum of three tries per day for three days (9x) followed by an SMS. If he/she cannot be reached after the said maximum number of tries, the promo organizers shall select a winner from the relevant Points Cluster. 


3. Verified winning mobile numbers will be notified by a call and SMS & if necessarily registered mail from promotion organizers.


4. The winners will also be announced through FanIce’s social media pages and official website


5. The winners must present all of the following to the FanMilk PLC representative when claiming their prize:


a.  One valid ID (Ghana Card, Driver’s License or Passport) with picture, address, birth date, and signature; 


b. Original copy of the notification message received;


6.  If the prepaid phone number is inactive, winners shall present proof (police report) of loss when claiming the prize. 


7. By participating in this promotion, you have consented:


a. for FanMilk PLC to send you promotional information about their products and services


b. grand winners will seed image rights for advertising purposes and will avail themselves for all marketing and P&R-related activities on the FanIce YƐƐkor Dubai promo


8. Upon verification and approval by FanMilk PLC, Rancard Solutions Limited will send the winners confirmation SMS messages. 


9.  Grand winners must possess a valid passport of not less than 6 months as at the time of travel (End October 2022) 


10. Grand Draw winners must themselves go on the Dubai Trip. If for any reason the original winner cannot travel, this must be communicated ahead of time to FanMilk PLC.


a. If for any reason, a selected grand prize winner is unable to acquire Visa for the travel, FanMilk PLC will compensate such individual with an amount  of GH ₵5,000.00

Other Guidelines

1. By joining and participating in this promotion, the participant agrees to and acknowledges that:


a. Rancard Solutions Limited is permitted to receive his/her registration data and all personal information supplied by him/her will be used by Rancard Solutions Limited and FanMilk PLC in accordance with its privacy policy and the Data Protection Act of Ghana;

b. Organizers of the promotion have the right to use images and names of the winners in the promotion and communicate the same at any time in any territory through any medium of release (mass media, digital media, etc.). The promotion organizers will however not be liable for any unauthorized use, reproduction, adaptations and publication of the images by third parties;

c. He/she shall hold organizers of the promotion free and harmless from any and all claims, suits and actions for damages or liabilities that may be brought by persons, natural or juridical, in connection with his/her participation in this promotion; and

d. He/she shall make no reproduction of any part of the websites herein for purposes of selling or distributing the same for commercial gain nor shall he/she modify or incorporate any part of the websites herein in any other work, publication or website (FanMilk PLC).


2. Organizers of the promotion assume no responsibility for:


a. Any incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete information on the websites herein caused by any third party, i.e., website users, hackers, among others, or caused by any of the equipment or programming associated with or utilized in the promotion;


b. Any technical, hardware or software failure of any kind, for lost network connections, garbled computer transmissions, and other problems or technical malfunctions in the conduct of this promotion;


c. Any error, omission, corruption, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operation or transmission, communications line failure, theft or destruction, or unauthorized access to or alteration of the mobile numbers, used in this promotion; and


d. Any error, omission, corruption, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operation or transmission, communications line failure, theft or destruction, unauthorized access to or alteration of submissions of the participants under this promotion or other similar instances that may occur in connection with or in relation to the same.


3. FanMilk PLC, Rancard Solutions Limited, their parent companies, affiliates, subsidiaries and related companies or officers, directors, employees, shareholders, representatives or agents shall not be responsible or liable for any damages or losses of any kind, including direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special or punitive damages arising out of the participant’s joining this promotion or his or her claiming and use of the prizes under the same. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the prizes under this promotion are provided “as is”, without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for purpose or use or non-infringement.


4. Organizers of the promotion shall be entitled to cancel, discontinue or suspend this promotion by an official communication on their official website, social media pages on the basis of the occurrence of force majeure or any event beyond the control of the organizers of the promotion that will not make it possible for them to continue with the conduct of the promotion without affecting the fairness and integrity of the same, including but not limited to the following causes:


a. Programs are not capable of running as planned, including infection by computer virus, bugs, tampering;


b. Unauthorized intervention;


c. Technical failures;


d. Technical malfunction of any telephone network or lines, computer on-line systems, servers, computer equipment and software;


e. Failure of any mobile number to transmit message to the organizers on account of technical problems, human error or traffic congestion on the telecommunication systems;


f. Injury or damage to the participant’s or any other person's mobile number due to or resulting from participating in the promotion; or


g. Any other causes that corrupt or affect the administration, security, fairness, and integrity of selecting the participants in this promotion.


5. Fraud or any improper action in connection with the participation in the promotion or the redemption of the prize shall result in the disqualification of the participant or winner from the promotion. The organizers of the promotion shall have the right to disqualify a participant or a potential winner if there is reasonable ground to believe based on preponderance of evidence that such participant or winner attempted to violate any of the terms and conditions of this promotion, including the procedures to validate a winner.

Assessing Winners of the Grand Prize

1. Rancard Solutions Limited will generate a list of qualified participants for FanMilk PLC to select the final 6 winners upon correctly answering some brand-related questions.


2.  After the winners are determined, it will be verified from the generated list by a Representative from Rancard Solutions Limited and approved by a representative of FanMilk PLC.


3. Rancard Solutions Limited will inform FanMilk Ghana Ltd of the final winners after verifying with the telecommunication companies. If there are any disqualified participants/winner(s), reason(s) for disqualification will be shared with FanMilk PLC.


4. Terms and conditions and complete mechanics will be available on the FanIce social media pages, official company website and will be printed in the Daily Graphic. 

Other Terms

1. In participating in the Promotion, all participants acknowledge and agree that FanMilk PLC will not be held liable for any losses or other damage incurred by the participant.  


2. Although FanMilk PLC has used reasonable efforts to ensure that all information and materials relating to the Promotion are accurate, FanMilk PLC shall not be liable for any inaccuracy or errors in such information and/or material. FanMilk PLC, its agents and subcontractors will also not be responsible for any loss or damage to a participant, whether caused by itself or a third party arising from any or all of the following:


a. matters outside the control of FanMilk PLC, its customers, agents and subcontractors, including but not limited to force majeure events, such as acts of God, fire, flood, storm or other natural disasters, act of government, riot or civil unrest, strike, lock out, computer viruses and power outages; or


b. any technical failure or malfunction, or any other problem with any machine, telephone network or system, service provider, software or otherwise that may result in missing characters in the promotional packs, any entry being lost or not properly received, registered or recorded.



3. These terms and conditions are subject to interpretation by FanMilk PLC and any questions or disputes regarding a participant’s eligibility for the Promotion, the number of entries and a participant’s compliance with these terms and conditions shall be resolved by FanMilk PLC and the laws of Ghana. The decision of FanMilk PLC shall be final.   

List of Participating products @ Recommended Retail Price

To enter the Promo

  • Dial *2120#
  • Follow the prompts thereafter

Automated Instant message for a successful entry:

"Congratulations, you have won 2.5GH airtime. Keep buying to win a trip to Dubai. T&Cs Apply