Founded by a Danish group, Fan Milk Togo has been in existence  since 1985. The company is currently engaged in distribution of quality refreshing milk-based and fruit-based products. Our milk-based products consist of a range of frozen ice creams, frozen flavoured milk drinks and yoghurt drinks (both frozen or drinkable), and they include such brands as Fanice, FanXtra, FanYogo, FanChoco, SuperYogo, Yoghurt. Our fruit-based brand is FanDango.​

Fan Milk Togo has been committed to quality for many years, and has now joined the Danone vision of “One Planet, One Health” to ensure a healthier and sustainable ecosystem is achieved.

OUR HISTORY – The pioneering years

Fan Milk Togo is a Togolese private law limited company created in October 1985 and whose head office is located in the industrial zone of Lomé (Togo).

It specialized in the manufacture of dairy products and non-alcoholic fruit-based drinks, and is majority-owned by the Fan Milk International A / S Group located in AALBORG-Denmark which has been operating in Africa since 1960. The Fan Milk International Group A / S has factories in the West African sub-region, in particular in Ghana, Nigeria, Togo and Côte D'Ivoire and distribution companies in Benin, Burkina Faso.

In 2013, Fan Milk International, present in 06 West African countries, was acquired by the Dubai investment group ABRAAJ. ABRAAJ subsequently sold 48% of its shares to the international group Danone.

In 2016, Danone (Global Dairy Manufacturer) joined forces with ABRAAJ (a Private Equity company) to acquire a majority stake in Fan Milk. Danone owns 100% of the shares of Fan Milk international, since 2019 by becoming the sole shareholder of Fan Milk. Since November 2019, Fan Milk Togo becomes a distribution company.