Our story begins in the 1980s, with the foundation of Danafco, specialized in the production and distribution of culinary Bouillons as well as trading products. Erick BOSTEEN, a Dane entrepreneur, partnered with Italian investors to do business on Ivorian soil.​

But in the 1990s, he bought Danafco entirely and separated himself from them. Danafco became Finamark on 25 March 1992.​

 In the same year, he introduced the manufacture and distribution of ice cream, not only in his portfolio but also in the hearts of Ivorian ice cream lovers. Star, the famous and popular ice cream brand, was now available everywhere, through the original, unique and recognizable distribution model: the proximity  sale with push-carts. FINAMARK  also settled in BURKINA FASO,  in 1996.​


In October 2002, Finamark company founded by Erick BOSTEEN was acquired by Fan Milk International. The latter became the subsidiary of Fan Milk International in Côte d'Ivoire. However, the Finamark brand was maintained until 2010, when a new company name was adopted, and unique logo created by Dane artist Viggo Arentoft. This logo was inspired by the symbolism attached to the oriental fan, a cooling tool. This was the starting point for the Fanmilk Côte d'Ivoire brand, as we know it today.​

​In 2013, Fanmilk International, present in 6 West African countries, was acquired by Dubai’s investment group ABRAAJ. ABRAAJ subsequently sold 48% of its shares to the international dairy group DANONE. In 2016, DANONE became the majority shareholder with 52% of the shares in Fanmilk International.​
In 2014, Fanmilk Côte d'Ivoire faced financial difficulties following the ban on plastic pouch on Ivorian market, forcing it to use biodegradable cardboard and new packaging technologies, for packaging some of its products. Fortunately, as time went on, things got better as a result of decisions that took into account the evolution of the industry. As of 2019, Danone holds 100% of the shares of Fanmilk international.​

​Since then, Fanmilk Côte d’Ivoire has diversified its distribution channels and products, in line with the  changing purchasing habits of its consumers. Fan Milk Côte d’Ivoire, always distributes its products through its original channel and also, through other more modern channels.​
Fan Milk Côte d'Ivoire, which has a real history and is proud of its journey, remains focused on the future, with great ambitions.